Saturday, 7 March 2009

Crochet Notions

All week I have waited for our lovely post-lady to deliver this small package from across the pond, and today it arrived !

What is it you might ask ?......

A new crochet hook ? Wool ? So what else could get a crochet lover so excited ?

Crochet Notions of course !
And here it is....
a delightful stamp from Martina who has a lovely store on

Have a better look...

A lovely little ball of yarn. I intend to use it for custom labels for my work.

I have recently been in several correspondences with Martina as she also custom made me this.....

Isn't it great ? It also has "Handmade by...." underneath too.
I've been after a crochet stamp for ages and have just not been able to find anything suitable until now - it's lovely, and I'm using it on all my crochet cards.
So thank-you Martina, fellow scientist and artist, for your lovely stamps - I shall be the envy of all of my crochet chums.