Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Neurones & Bacillus

A few weeks ago my eldest decided she wanted to be involved in World Leprosy Week and was sponsored to wear a glove for the day.....this then escalated into an assembly at school which , in order to simply explain the underlying pathology of such a complex disease, required a few teaching aids.

So, having been inspired by the recent "Knitted Brain" by Psychiatrist Dr Karen Norberg, I set to work on the crocheted Leprosy Bacillus and accompanying Neurone.....

...which although laughed at by a few...was used, so I understand, to explain the mechanisms of the disease very well !

To date one little girl has raised over £200 for her cause, I'm very proud, as , I'm sure would have been her late great, great, great, great Uncle....

.....Dr Gerhard Hansen who isolated the leprosy bacillus in 1873.