Thursday, 5 March 2009

Wire Crochet Button Bracelet Tutorial

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and then was spurred on by a suggestion from Bee over at Chain Creative . So this is a tutorial for a very simple crochet wire bracelet. It's a first attempt at a tutorial, so please bear with me .

Just a few pointers before starting:

  • Please read through the complete tutorial before starting , including the crochet tutorial usage terms ( can be found on the sidebar )
  • It's worth practising crocheting with wire just to get an idea of the feel of it - wire is unforgiving once worked and is liable to break easily - also when crocheting with wire, tension tends to be much looser, so the end product tends to be more open and lacy.
  • When cutting wire you should always wear eye protection and cut over a bin to contain the small pieces of wire - these can be very sharp and therefore dangerous.
  • Terminology (UK):
    Ch - Chain
    Sl St - Slip Stitch
    Tr - Treble Stitch
This bracelet measures approximately 20cm in length, including the clasp -if you need to increase the length of the bracelet, increase the number of inital chain stitches after you have attached the clasp - but ensure you increase the same amount at the opposite end so the bracelet is an even length !

Step 1:

To start with you will need:

  • 0.2 mm guage craft wire ( 26 guage) - I'm using silver plated copper wire here - you can usually buy from most large craft stores or on-line at somewhere like Fred Aldous or Artistic Wire - I find it eaiser to crochet with wire on bobbins/ spools - so just check before buying.
  • Metal Crochet hook 1.25mm
  • 6 small eyelet buttons and one larger fancy eyelet button for the middle - I'm using some mother of pearl shell buttons - but The Button Company stock a huge range.
  • Small clasp - the one here is from The Bead Store - and is perfect for crochet wire jewellery as the end of the crochet hook is small enough to fit through the rings on the clasp
  • Small tin snips ( wire cutters) - found in any large craft shop
  • Small round nose pliers - found in any large craft shop
  • Sewing needle

Step 2

  • Thread the first 3 small buttons onto the wire, through both eyelets - take your buttons quite far down the wire so you leave yourself enough space to crochet with a good length
  • Thread the fancy button on
  • Thread the last 3 small buttons on - again making sure all the buttons are thread quite far down the wire.

Step 3:
Make sure you leave about a 10cm length of wire at the beginning and the end of your work so it is easier to finish off and sew in the ends.
  • Make a Sl St ( as you would do in normal crochet) and put your hook through this stitch, and then through one of the rings of the clasp, and catch the wire the other side with the hook ( you have 2 loops on your hook now) wire round hook, draw through both loops , you are left with one loop on the hook. This starts to secure the clasp to the wire

  • Crochet 5 Ch
  • Draw up the first button and crochet 1 Ch behind this button, then Ch 5
  • Draw up the next button , crochet 1 Ch behind, then Ch 5 - Repeat this process 5 more times until all the buttons are incorporated intothe simple wire chain

Step 4:
  • Then, put your hook through the corresponding ring on the clasp, and catch the wire the other side with the hook, and draw through , catch the wire again, draw through these two loops
  • Ch 1
  • Then, again, put your hook through the 2nd ring on the clasp ( on the same side as the one we have just done), and catch the wire the other side of the hook, draw through,catch the wire again and draw the wire through both loops on the hook.

( Apologies if this sounds complicated - it's easier than it sounds and it's just a way of securing the clasp to the bracelet neatly as part of the design)

Step 5:
Now we are going to work back along the chain to the other side to complete the bracelet.
  • Treble crochet in the first stitch, * Ch 1, Tr1* - repeat between ** until you reach the end of the bracelet
  • When you reach the end of the bracelet, put your hook through the remaining loop on the clasp, catch the wire, draw through the hook ( 2 loops on your hook), wire around hook, and draw through both hooks.

  • Fasten off as you would do normally - cut your wire with your tin snips leaving at least 10cm of wire in order to sew in.
Step 6: - Finishing Off

  • To finish off take your sewing needle and sew in the ends - it's important to spend some time doing this in order that the ends are well sewn in so that the wire does not catch on the skin .Ensure any sewn in ends finish on the outside of the bracelet, and curl around onto themselves using the round nose pliers to finish off.

Now Enjoy and be the envy of all !