Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Button Hunting

I have a thing for buttons, it's something I've inherited. My mum has always had button boxes and I have ....a few....and my daughters have also started their own collection...albeit the youngest one's collection consists of her ELC collection.
So, the thing I love about visits to Lucy's Seaside Hideaway is the fact the local charity shop has a whole sweet jar full of vintage goodies. So , Saturday morning a visit to raid the sweet jar was needed. Now, I'm not one for holding the jar and taking a good look to see if there's anything I fancy...I am the sort of person...as Lucy would say, is " detail oriented,"....and so, the whole jar has to be emptied and methodically searched through in order that I do not miss anything that might be lurking. Thankfully, Lu is very patient, and was happy to stand there and hold a saucepan picked from another shelf in order for me to start my search...and oh what a search !
Some fifteen or so minutes later...these were my delicious finds ..

Pink candyfloss buttons ,

Large mother of pearl buttons,
Blue buttons,
Flowery white buttons
Big pink buttons,
More pink little buttons...there's a reason I was searching for pink...but more of that later..
I was thrilled with all my lovely vintage finds...especially as it totalled to the grand sum of £1.50 !

The Button hunt however had only just begun ....

After a lovely scenic drive along the coast, past here... I couldn't resist a photo !

We arrived at my favourite Norfolk Seaside town to search out a yarn shop.

Lucy, being practically a local, knew exactly where to start the search....

...and look what we found.....enormous coconut buttons !

Then, a short walk down the High Street towards the sea to our favourite Seaside nic-nack shop...take a look in the window...isn't it gorgeous ?

.....and it stocks....yes you've guessed....buttons !
However, not just any old buttons,
beautiful handmade porcelain and wooden buttons..
.aren't they lovely ?
I couldn't resist.

Finally,with my button hunt complete...creativity was calling..... I needed to put my finds to good use, as well as put my feet up and rest. So after a short outing out , it was time to return to the seaside hideaway for some paced crochet therapy and afternoon tea ...which we  promptly did .
All in all, a successful day button hunting !