Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Recycled Crochet & Creative Time

My eldest daughter and I have a special time together, once a week, known in our household as "Creative Time." The idea being that we get to spend some time together, doing the things we both love to do most...create. However, as this is "her" time...she gets to choose what we do. Her choices recently have included, making button jewellery, still life painting, learning to knit, glass mosaics ( that lasted quite a few weeks as she designed and made a house sign for her Nana & Gramps) collage and of course... crochet .
This week , we were fortunate to have an opportunity for a bit of spontaneous "Creative Time," as we both went to an "Auction of Promises and Family Quiz Night" together. We were seated with some friends to make up a table and as part of the quiz, a carrier bag full of interesting "rubbish " was presented to us. This included a length of till receipt, ribbons, sellotape , glue, cotton reels to name but a few and you were also able to "add" to the collection. The table then had to come up with something unique and interesting in order to win. So, my eldest and I set to work on our creation whilst eating a well known chocolate bar each, I'd bought from the tuck shop.

So this is it.....

A Finger crocheted choker, embellished with ribbon, a roll of sellotape , elastic bands , oh and those chocolate bar wrappers !

(I'm afraid we didn't win, but the evening was very succesful and the money raised is being donated to our local Down's Syndrome Charity and to some Missionary Friends of ours who will use the money to buy a landrover when they return to Mali in the summer.)