Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dewi Sant

Happy St David's Day !

March 1st.....

A day that despite living in England, has always been celebrated in our household.

I am Welsh, my husband is English ...the 6 Nations always proves interesting.

My hubbie however, does have quite a lot of Welsh heritage himself, so there is a tiny portion of him who is quite happy to allow our household to celebrate this day.

My eldest daughter's name in Welsh means "Love " and "Bright One," and I couldn't quite get away with another pure Welsh name for my littlest...but managed a Gaelic one , which in Welsh means "Pure."

If I think back to my school days, as we pulled into the school grounds on March 1st, daffodils would be seen everywhere, and we would all be trying to remember the correct pronunciation of the Welsh National Anthem, as well as trying to predict which house would win this year's Eisteddfod.

So what does this all have to do with crochet ?

Well yesterday, I bought these......

In order to crochet these......

The daffodil pattern is taken from a lovely book by Lesley Stanfield - " 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet." It's great as a resource , and although I generally don't tend to buy books that also include knitting patterns, there are lots of crochet patterns, and the knitting patterns can be easily converted to a crochet pattern.

We will also will make some Welsh Cakes....and even if you are not Welsh, they really are very good with a cup of tea ....which is perhaps why we seem to have so many friends "pop in " around this time of year, with the hope they will be offered one.

So, I will share with you the recipe that I have always used...and I think was first taught at school. They are tradionally cooked on a Welsh Bake Stone ( we do have one I inherited ), but a frying pan is just as good.

::Welsh Cakes::

    • 8oz SR Flour
    • 4oz Salted Butter
    • 1 egg
    • Handful of sultanas
    • 3oz Caster Sugar
    • Splash of milk


    • Rub fat into the sieved flour to make breadcrumbs. Add sugar, dried fruit and then the egg.
    • Mix to combine them to form a ball of dough - use a splash of milk if necessary

    • Make small walnut sized balls of dough and then flatten them between your palms gently so they are about 1/4 " thick - I find it better to make a whole stack of these before moving on.

    • Grease your pan lightly and heat ( the cakes must be placed directly in a hot pan - so be careful!) and place your Welsh Cakes in the pan to bake. They need 2 - 3 minutes each side and each side needs to be a caramel colour before turning.
    • Remove from pan & dust with icing sugar.

    Enjoy and I wish you all a Very Happy St David's Day !