Friday, 13 March 2009

Did I mention ?

Did I mention my obession with crochet books ?
Did I mention that I have quite alot of crochet know for reference, inspiration and design ?
Did I mention that today, I went to a "bring and buy"?
Did I mention I found this .....?

Published by Marshall Cavendish in 1975.
It includes finsihing techniques, creative button loops, new ways of shaping, jacquard patchwork, filet crochet, looped and woven crochet, Irish crochet, Aran & Tunisian Crochet as well as some great classic 70's fashion...

A gold halterneck dress...

I'm very tempted...with a few adaptions, the right colour yarn...great for a summer wedding.

And then this....

.... described as a "Jazzy Beach Wrap for anytime."

It has over 50 patterns for all ages, techniques and stitches.

Did I cost me only £1 !