Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mother Earth Crochet

There's something very "mother earth" about the prospect of foraging or "growing- your- own " in order to enhance your craft. Consequently after my short visit to our local Guild's recent exhibition, I went out and bought this lovely book about dyeing. The author , Jenny Dean also has her own blog here. Her blog is lovely and shows her hand dyed yarn, and some beautiful pieces she has knitted using them.

So, totally inspired, this spring I have looked at my allotment in a whole new light, and today I went off to plant these...
all of which you can use to dye your own yarn, as well as, of course, feed a hungry family.
So now I just have to wait until they have grown, as well as doing a whole lot more reading about mordants, fibers, processes and equipment ...
...I think I'd better enlist the help of some experts...back to the Guild I think !