Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Opera Singers

This arrived today......

Rowan Kidsilk Haze ...."Wicked" ..
(.that's the name of the shade)
I can't say to much ...

Suffice as to say I have some lovely friends who live close by, who are both professional opera singers. Not to long ago, my lovely operatic friend , asked whether I would design and make a little something for her to wear at a forthcoming Charity Event she is singing at.

So, I have been sketching, designing, swatching and showing.,..until finally....it was just right.
The yarn is lovely to work with, lace weight and a blend of silk and super kid mohair , and so, lends itself beautifully to this design.

So opening night, for this premiere moment for us both, is May 23rd...remind me, and I will fill you in and take some pictures of this evening in May...but until then, I'd better pick up my hook and make a start!