Friday, 6 March 2009

The Ripple Effect

It appears Ripples are everywhere ...
and a lovely pattern by Bee Clinch can be found here in one of my favourite books.
You can also "Ripple Along" here !

So, last night I had a phone call from Aunty Doo Doo .." Do you have a pattern for a Ripple ?"....well considering I have rather a lot of crochet books as you can see below.....
.....over 40 at the last count...but all needed for research and reference....
I mean if you went to the Doctor and they had no medical reference books on their shelf you'd be worried...right ?
...Well that's what I tell my ever exasperated hubbie !

So, I have a few patterns for the Crocheted Chevron Stitch that is used for the infamous ripple. However, did you know that it doesn't just need to stop there ?

You can crochet the Ridged Chevron Stitch, the Sharp Chevron Stitch, the Close Chevron Stitch and this stitch......

....the Peep Hole Chevron.

I wonder what it is about this stitch that is so appealing ?
In fact , I have been dreaming about designing a little ripple something of my own using one of these stitches ....

So, this morning Aunty Doo Doo knocked on my door.....
" Can you show me how to do the ripple ? "
A 15 minute tutorial on the Chevron Stitch was completed.

Aunty Doo Doo is now heading off to her little chalet on the Norfolk Coast armed with wool
and a pattern
....rippling by the sea..blissful !