Sunday, 19 April 2009

An Anniversary & the Saga of Crocheted Pink Dress !

Ola !
I'm back again after a lovely week away from all distractions...including blog land, and spent with family. A week of relaxation and recuperation....and I feel so much better for it. A time that also allowed creative crochet ideas to be birthed, and I need to start thinking about putting some of my sketches, ideas and inspiration into 3D. However, that can all wait, as today is our Wedding Anniversary, and although tired from travelling, I have booked us all ( yes children included I mad ?!) an Anniversary Afternoon Tea and I am hoping, that the the lovely little crocheted pink dress I made will finally get worn ...a long story, but a big battle with a favourite t-shirt vs pink dress...the t-shirt didn't win, but neither did the dress...but I did manage to dress a very grumpy little girl in another pink outfit ! Off to try again....otherwise I shall either auction it off for charity or save it for my grandchildren....what do you think ?