Friday, 24 April 2009

Crochet, Friends & The City

Before moving to this lovely part of the world, I lived for a long time in "The Big Smoke." I enjoyed my time there studying, working , enjoying all the culture that a big city brings on my door step and of course crocheting.....however, at the time I lived in this vast city it was certainly lacking in crochet resources...the only place you could find decent supplies was in the centre of town at Liberty's or John Lewis. Don't get me wrong, I love these department stores, and still do . I would actually spend hours wandering around their haberdashery departments choosing my yarn...but the one thing I still lacked in this enormous City was anyone to share this crocheted excitement with. Nobody got it. Everyone knew I crocheted, but this was considered an amusement and I was referred to as being "old before my time." Fifteen years that has you can't visit this city without making sure you have planned your trip to include a visit here, here and finally here...a little yarn boutique that has since opened on the very road I used to live on !

As for friends to share my love of crochet with ? Well, I would say one of the best things about moving to this part of the world was meeting Lucy...I taught her to crochet and we've never looked back...we have an understanding about crochet that still many people probably find a little peculiar.....we "ooohhh "and "aaargh " at colourful ripples, and grannys..we see potential in every ball of wool we buy ( despite the fact our husbands rarely do !) and we can sit for hours together drinking cups of tea, and crocheting in silence...rarely have I found a friend who is willing to spend an entire weekend away just crocheting !

Lucy knows me well, and just recently she presented me with a few lovely gifts, that she knew I would really appreciate ...I thought I'd share them with you.....

A crocheted corsage with buttons....

A gem from etsy I've had my eye on for a while...but could never quite justify buying for myself !

Aren't friends great ? And, as if by magic, I too, had been busily conjuring up some hyperbolic order to present her with some crocheted goodness to brighten up her day too.. now to pop her gift through her letter box....I hope she likes it !