Thursday, 2 April 2009

In the Pink

Do you remember these gorgeous pink candy floss coloured buttons ?

Do you remember me mentioning that I was searching very specifically for something pink ?

Do you remember that I was in a bit of a dilemma as to whether to pack this for my Seaside weekend away ?

Well, after much deliberation I decided it was indeed essential.....

....and it was put to very good use...

.....the reason being, is that It was needed to make a little pink something , for a little person, to wear for a very special pink occasion on Saturday ....
et Voila !
Completed in all it's finery...the perfect pink party dress !

A crocheted popcorn bodice with shell trim and epaulettes embellished with perfectly pink candyfloss buttons, edged with a perfectly pink picots with perfectly pink midwest heaven. I've adapted the pattern here and there, but the basic pattern can be found here . I only hope my little one doesn't upstage her very special Pink Aunty at her Pink 30th Birthday Party and that they both look " practically perfectly pink in every way!"