Monday, 18 May 2009

Crochet Connoisseur

Hello, I hope you enjoyed your weekend - although the weather was very changeable here, during the sunny spells time was spent out and about, and during the drizzle, time was spent perusing my vintage crochet finds.

The first of my finds is a book that was published by Batsford in 1979 and was written by a self taught crocheter , Rosemarie Anderson .
"Crochet for the Connoisseur," is an excellent record of fashion trends in the late 70's , as well crochet trends, and includes patterns for...

A crocheted evening outfit with crocheted harem trousers , Granny Square Skirt and a crocheted wedding dress
I think it's interesting to compare today's crochet trends with bygone eras. In terms of techniques, the more complex techniques of hairpin and broomstick lace crochet, have been bought right up to date with the likes of the designs created by Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva . Interestingly though, the techniques used in this book are not complex. As long as you have mastered the basic crochet stitches you should be able to recreate some of the designs. However, what is required with this book is an inordinate amount of patience,as some of the designs use very small hooks and fine crochet cotton .

So, in conclusion, this book has inspired me to adapt some of the designs to bring them more up to date...but what I am most interested to find out is with the current "Granny Square Revival"...would a more up-to-date girls "Granny Square Swirl Skirt" ( with a bit of sewing thrown in too ) be something avid crocheters would be keen to crochet up ?

If so, let me know, and watch this space !