Friday, 8 May 2009

Dyers Companions

The best kind of friends, I've decided, are the ones who know exactly what makes you "tick." I am very fortunate to have quite a few of these friends, and although not all of them share my passion for crochet, they understand my love of using everything that mother nature provides in order to enhance my craft . So, it was lovely to be invited for a cuppa today with my lovely operatic friend ( whose commission just needs blocking and it's ready to wear !) and to be presented with these lovely plants.....

She knows me so well....she has been nurturing them for a few weeks now, and spotted them whilst out and just knew who to buy them for ! What are they you might ask ?

Well, with a little love, time, nurture, mordant, fleece and a few other things I need to read about I shall be able to produce beautiful yellows from my dyers chamomile and beautiful blues from my very own woad ...all to dye my own hand spun yarn.
So I'm off to pot them up , read up recipes and formulations , do some more spinning and ask lots of questions when I attend our Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Guild's next meeting !