Sunday, 31 May 2009

Half Hex Quilt Along

Just recently, I signed up for the "Half Hex Quilt Along" with Aneela at Comfort Stitching. I thought this would be just what I needed to motivate me to finally use my ever increasing stash of fabric.
Now, you maybe wondering how on earth is this crochet related.
Quilting ?
Has she gone completley mad ?
Quite possibly, but there is method in my'll just going to have to be patient.

I might also just point out, that my half hex's are unlikely to be made into a full blown quilt, due to various constraints on my time at the I am aiming for something on a smaller scale but crochet specific of course !

So, with this in first task is completed ...I've found the template, and my next task is the fabric. I will need to dig out a few more lengths from my stash, but I think these will do for starters...CK prints mixed with a few lengths of dots I bought on holiday.

Okay, that will be all for the time being..I shall keep you posted !