Friday, 22 May 2009

Inside Crochet : Second Edition

Well, this week the second edition of "Inside Crochet," arrived on my doorstep delivered by our lovely postlady. I know their have been mixed reviews about this publication having read the the forum on the "Inside Crochet" group on Ravelry so it will be interesting to read the feedback following this second edition. Personally, I thought it was great....mainly because their was a four page feature on natural dyeing and it had some fantastic links and resources if you wanted to get going that include here, here and here. I would however also recommend that you visit Jenny Deans' Blog too, as it contains a wealth of infomation on natural dyeing as well as some useful links, as well as the fact she is also one of the UK's leading authorities on natural dyeing. The article on the Debbie Orr - the Skein Queen was also very interesting and it was nice to read that she joined her local Weavers , Spinners and Dyers Guild- "which offers a wealth of experience and knowledge," a must for anyone who wants to develop their skills or learn new ones - I would highly recommend it. This edition has some lovely patterns, albeit mostly contributed by American Designers - but the edition was compiled a while back and I understand from Amy O'Neill Houck that the submission guidelines should be up on the website soon. So, all I can say is, as soon as those are up, I would encourage all those talented UK crocheters and crochet designers to take up the challenge, submit your designs and we can then showcase the wealth of crochet talent I know the UK has to offer......

.....ok off to work on a submission worthy piece now !