Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thrifty Review Finale

Well, today is the last of my thrifty reviews.
Today's book "Crochet- super designs for babies, women and home," was published by Cavendish House in the early 1980's. The early 80's fashion reflected continues to have its roots in the previous decade with such designs as "Glamorous Glitter Caps for Sophisticated Parties, "...perfect for you to crochet up to watch "Mamma Mia " with some girlfriends!
There are numerous bag designs that,in particular a beach bag that could well be easily crocheted up in recycled plastic bag strips to ensure it's waterproof too.

And finally, a fair few afghans and granny blankets.

I hope these few posts have inspired you to have a good look through second hand book shops for crochet books, and be adventurous enough to pick them up with a view to adapting the designs, as well as the looking through for technical expertise.

And I'd love to know about your recommended thrifty crochet finds too !