Friday, 15 May 2009

Thrifty Vintage Crochet Finds !

Are you sitting comfortably ? Good, then I'll begin.

Yesterday, quite out of the blue, I found myself having a whole hour to peruse through a few book shops in our local town. This town is about 12 miles away, and I was dropped off whilst my hubbie attended to a few errands himself. So off I went to the Oxfam Bookstore. Now, I love this bookstore for several reasons...

1) It always has a good selection of books..all types, but particularly the children's section, and all very reasonably priced
2) With every book I purchase, I know the money is going to a worthy cause

So, I arrived in the children's section and started to pick my fingers over the children's classics, next onto the non-fiction, turned all of 45 degrees....


...what did I spy on the bottom shelf in the left hand corner ?

Did I see the word crochet out of the corner of my eye ?

Yes, I was right...."CROCHET" could've been lit up in neon lights !

I bent down to have a closer at my find....and came across..

not one,

not two,

but FOUR vintage crochet books !!!

I plonked myself down in the corner and started to work my way through each one, looked at my watch... 10 minutes until I was being picked up...I was going to have to be quick .

So....I can hear you asking already..."Don't you have enough crochet books already?"

Hmmmm, yes indeedy I do, but there is something quite special about vintage crochet patterns, as not only are the designs making a come back...they are also an historical record of fashion at that time....consequently, I felt no guilt about purchasing three of them.... they are ..
Yes, you can tell already these are going to be a real treat!

And, next week, I shall share with you some of the classic crochet designs they contain as well as some of the fashion faux pas of by gone eras !