Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Walters & Cosh

Hello Bloggers,
Well, today I will be reviewing another of my lovely thrifty finds .
I was particuarly excited to come across this little gem as I am a great fan of the work of James Walters and the late Sylvia Cosh. If you are unfamiliar with these two crochet designers, I would urge you to take a tour through their work, here . Both Walters & Cosh were both hugely influential and inspirational in the freeform crochet movement and worked together from when they met in the late 70's until the late 90's .They also co-wrote several books during this time, and I am fortunate over the years to have collected a fair few that are now out of print. It was also Walters and Cosh, who, in the 80's coined the phrase "scrumble" in their workshops which they used to describe "multicoloured and textured pieces of crochet." This was the orginal term, but today, in some crochet circles, you can also find the word "scumble" used to describe the same thing.
The book I managed to thrift is simply titled "Crochet" and is described as having "over 20 new and original projects for you to make." It was published by Octopus Books in 1980. The book introduces a history of crochet, as well as the basic stitches,along with some of the more interesting techniques, such as hairpin lace and filet, tunisian and woven crochet. The book also introduces crocheting with other materials such as fabric strips . Freeform crochet is introduced in semi-structured way, that would allow a novice freeformer to gain experience in constructing a garment .
Designs include:
Freeformed Woodland Waistcoat
Mohair bed jacket in hairpin lace

Beach bag, crocheted in cotton strips
At the time, this book would've pushed the boundaries of the traditional and introduced fresh and exciting contemporary crochet designs .
As you can probably tell, I'm fairly passionate about these designers and their work, and consider them part of the UK's rich crochet heritage, and, it is for that very reason, this book shall join my small but expanding library of crochet books and remain in my collection forever !
(With Thanks to James Walters for giving me permission to post pictures of the designs )