Monday, 15 June 2009

Aaargh !

This photo just about sums up how I feel ...choas !

As you probably have noticed there have been a distinct lack of posts last week, purely because I've been so busy with organising, pricing, planning and stressing about this week.

Yes, this is the week of my exhibition here, and who would've thought so much work would be involved?

To be fair, I have had exhibitions in the past, but that was BC ( before children) and BH ( before husbands) when I had all the time in the world to just think about one thing. !

This time it is so very different, fitting everything in between nursery runs, school runs and various other commitments family life just brings, and needing to think about everyone else apart from me !

Having said that, the Hook and Scumble household have been very supportive and when the smallest household member exclaims " Wow ! Weally good mum !" and her sister is trying to barter with you for a piece freeform crochet you haven't even finished yet ... that's all the encouragement I need to keep going .

So, I open on Thursday morning, and if you are able to visit you'll be most welcome...and for those of you unable to visit it in person, they'll be a flurry of blog posts towards the end of the week and also more photos in my on-line gallery on Flickr.

So until then , have a good week.