Sunday, 21 June 2009

Exhibition Extra Part 2 - "Meet the Artist"

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Gallery manning the exhibition and being available to talk to visitors about my work and the inspiration behind it. I also took along a few hooks, and some yarn to be able to demonstrate.
Throughout the day a steady stream of visitors came through the door to admire the work of all the artists exhibiting.
What was most interesting to hear, was that many visitors commented that they did not even realise that crochet could be used a medium for sculpture and that they came away from the exhibition with their traditional view of crochet now stretched , modified and expanded in such a way that many were inspired to pick up a hook and have a go themselves.

As the exhibition came to a close today all the Artists reflected on how much they had enjoyed exhibiting together and how well the variety of work complemented each other.

For me this exhibition has marked an end point, as well as a beginning.

A journey, where the therapeutic benefits of crochet as a tool to aid a road to recovery have been second to none .