Thursday, 18 June 2009

Exhibition Extra Part One - The Grand Opening

After 3 hours last night of hanging, arranging, rearranging, rehanging ...the exhibition was finally ready for this morning's 10 am opening.

Four very different artists whose mediums include mosaic, watercolour, mixed media and of course crochet were nervous, but also very excited.

::So let me take you to The Purple Poppy Gallery ::

Here we are...the flags are out for us too !

As you come through the door,

the light captures Emily's beautiful mosaics.

My particular favourite is this one...

:: Flotsam & Jetsom::

If you look closely you can see the shells and sea glass nestling between the mosaic tiles.

We collaborated on a few pieces in order to complement each other's work.

Let me introduce you to wire...

::Flotsam & Jetsom::

Hyperbolic Crochet - Silver plate with Shell and Sea Glass

Now for some yarn....

::The Crocheted Tree::

Decorated with hyperbolic crochet corsages in cotton, embellished with buttons

and freeform crochet and button necklaces


a freeform & hyperbolic wall hanging

::Mosaic Seaweed & Shingle::

and wearable freeform...


Freeform and Hyperbolic crocheted caplet, embellished with glass beads and shells.

Finally, for today ....

::Copper Chemistry::

Hyperbolic Crochet, silverplate & wire with shell.

Until tomorrow.....