Saturday, 27 June 2009

Porcelain,Clutter & Orders

Hubby has decided to have a clear out.

It's true, our small little cottage has decidedly become smaller due to the increasing amounts of clutter...mainly mine and the children's.

The thing is, I can easily justify most of my clutter.....but I think he's having none of it !
So, I have been set a task to look through a series of boxes that have been lurking in a cupboard, with strict orders they are to be minimised to bare essentials.

I got a bit sidetracked, as I found this in one of the boxes....

::Porcelain Crocheted Brooch::
A technique I developed quite a while ago when I had access to a kiln.

I also found these...

::Macrame Wire Earrings with Porcelain Crocheted Beads::
Both early pieces of work in my exploration of crochet in alternative mediums , that both earned me quite a good grade in my Art A-level... how can I possibly part with them?

Suggestions for good excuses pleeeeeease !!!