Sunday, 5 July 2009


Sundays in our family are usually spent, as much as we can, as a day of rest.

Today however was an exception.

From the moment we all woke up we have all been on-the-go....when I mean on-the-go, I mean at the pace of a toddler who expends more energy than usually I can keep up with !

However, I have finally found 5 minutes to sit down and tell you about my fortunate finds today. One of the things I needed to do was to buy a ball of yarn to finish this....

::Starfish Table Runner crocheted in Rowan Hand knit Cotton::

Annoyingly, I miscalculated with my swatches and was short by just a few metres of yarn , so a special trip to our nearest John Lewis store was needed. I had fully intended to just buy this one ball of yarn, but silly me forgot that they have their clearance running at the moment...and what a great clearance they have in the haberdashery department ! I had to be very restrained and gave myself a " at least 50% off " rule in order to justify yet more yarn.

So, I came away with these lovely yarns...

all for the jolly good price of about £15....and I have decided...the month of August will be "crochet me " time, that is to say I intend to make myself , and maybe even my mini Hook & Scumblers, some well deserved crochet items of their own.

All I have to do now is decide what to make...let me know if you have any good suggestions !