Friday, 24 July 2009

Jam & Jerusalem

Ever since I can remember some-one in my family has been a member of their local Women's Institute. My Nana's 87 this year and has been a member of her local WI for probably nearly 50 years ! I recently joined one of the 88 WI's in our county , and since becoming a member have really been made to feel very welcome. I think the main reason I joined ,was the rich heritage that the WI have for traditional crafts and home economics . I love the thought of improving my crochet and other craft and home economic skills and learning from others more experienced and who are always willing to share their skills and expertise. The WI are well known for their competitions and the high standards that are presented in their cake making and preserving categories and I'm sincerely hoping that I will be able to improve my skills in this area too. However, to start with I thought I would have a go at entering a crochet piece for the county competition... you may remember it in a previous post here.
So, last night I was invited to attend an evening to view all the entries to the Bedfordshire Federation's Eves Trophy. The competition consisted of 6 classes - jar of jam, boiled fruit cake, sampler, card and patchwork cushion and a crocheted table centre piece. Unfortunately I forgot my camera,which was a real shame as all the work entered was a really high standard.

I took my time to look at all the other entries and judges comments to try and glean as much information about what they might be looking for. (...I can feel myself already taking this to seriously !!)...jars of jam correctly filled,with plain labelling and tops were among the winners, good neat corners and piping looked like they scored well in the patchwork...hard to say for the cards - they were all excellent and from the judges comments I think they must have found it difficult to choose. As for the liners, smooth edges and well mixed for equal distribution of ingredients looked like good tips to take away.

Moving onto the crochet....

There are some very skilled crocheters in Bedfordshire. Delicate intricate fine white cotton crocheted lace table centre pieces were on display,reminiscent of the highly sought vintage pieces that are popular today. contemporary version looked very out of place ! The winning piece was a beautifully intricate piece of crocheted lace with framed with 3-dimensional Irish Roses.

So how did I get on with my contemporary freeform crocheted centre piece ?

Off to ring my Nana ....she will be proud !!!