Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Jurassic Coastlines

It's been a bit of a mad rush these last few weeks since the exhibition.
I seem to have needed to fit at least 30 hours into a 24 hour day in order to get everything "crochet related" done.
I had a few commissions on the books prior to the exhibition , and have spent much of my time pondering, sketching, designing and swatching.
One commission includes of a set of framed freeform crochet canvases inspired by my work below .

The Jurassic Coastline provided the inspiration for these crocheted bullion ammonites, interspersed with prehistoric coral.

Specific colours have been requested for this new commission, so I have had to think about how to work within a specific palette,yet use suitable yarns that will allow the bullion ammonites and coral to remain defined.

Finally, I am happy with my swatches and have choosen and bought the yarn needed and I can make a start...

.....lets hope I can continue to find all those extra hours needed to meet the deadline !