Friday, 3 July 2009

Snapping in Monochrome

I've always been fascinated with colour, and when thinking about creating a freeform piece of crochet I have found the time spent thinking and preparing a colour scheme invaluable. One of the things I have found really useful to work with is a colour wheel - these are easily found on-line these days, but I do remember spending time painting my own. To me these always seemed a little flat as I mixed different tones and hues . So, I was fascinated to find this exhibition currently on at The Tate Liverpool . The public also have an interactive part to play on Flickr, and I've found it fascinating to pour through the submitted monochromatic colour photos in the group.
So, inspired by this work, and the exhibition, what better way to create your own more contemporary colour wheel ?

Our allotment harvest has provided me with my first few monochromatic snaps,
and I soon hope to collate enough for my own 21st century digital colour wheel.