Saturday, 4 July 2009

"The Summer Project"

Well, with the summer holidays fast approaching I always find I need to plan ahead in order to make those 6 weeks fun for all of us, otherwise we end up driving each other mad !

We have a few things lined up ......seaside days out , days out with friend's and the like, but I usually find it helpful for those little inhabitants of the Hook & Scumble household to have their energy focused with a "Summer Project."

Consequently we've already started to have a think about things. What is so great about my mini Hook and Scumblers is that they are too, at their happiest when they too are making stuff !

The ideas so far that have been presented by the largest Hook and Scumbler include:

a) Designing and making a skirt

b) Designing and making some slippers

c) Making my own wool

So,with this in mind, we have all decided that we are going to felt, spin, dye and sew over the summer...which really translates into..." making alot of mess in the garden, having some fun, and maybe we might produce some little treasures of our own !"

So, to get us started I've borrowed this from the Library ...

and I've bought a whole bag of these !

Right, the first task is for my little treasures to hide it all from daddy before he arrives home !