Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fun Days Felting

You may remember from my post here that one of the summer projects I had planned for the Hook and Scumble Household was felting.

So, with the youngest Hook and Scumbler out to play at a friend's ( I think this type of felting is really not suitable for little ones) the time was right to bring out the tools and merino needed for needle felting.

Now, as you can imagine, this type of felting needs very, very close supervision in order to avoid any unwanted accidents as the needles used are extremely sharp . I can tell you that I think my eldest Hook and Scumbler was at times somewhat exasperated with her mother's level of close supervision as she is , after all , very sensible. However, better safe than never. Also, having read around the subject and spent time researching tools and materials , I had bought what I considered to be one of the safer tools for this type of felting, for us to use . I had also tried it out myself to ensure I was happy with the technique and its use , as well as its suitability for her before even contemplating letting her near it !

So, first off we decided on a very easy little piece ...

...after a quick health and safety briefing ( with lots of sighs and exasperated sounds added in for good measure !) eldest learnt about merino roving tops and how to tease the fibers successfully..

The punching then started with little hands well and truly out of the way to avoid any mishaps.... lots of punching needed here .

Then came adding in the heart...she was very pleased with her first attempts and decided the time had come for something far more challenging .......

Can you guess what it might be ??

Here's her very own "Ta dahh moment !"

An Angel ready to be placed on a tree ...

....roughly in about 14 weeks ..

.. aaargh !!!