Monday, 10 August 2009

My Allotment

This week is National Allotment Week, and in celebration I thought I would share some photos of our little plot. I first got my allotment in the days before waiting lists. I was fortunate, I rang up and was offered the choice of two plots there and then . To get to our allotment we just need to take a hop, skip and a jump from our small cottage, down the road, and there we " The Allotments."

Our plot is not full size, and I share it with another family as it still fairy big and with two smallish children, requires some time and effort. In my first year of obtaining the plot I also entered our "Allotment Show." I'm a sucker for these shows. I think they are so quintessentially English, and I love seeing the amount of time and work that individuals put into their entries. I'm afraid to say, that knowing I was up against stiff competition from real professional allotmenters, I decided that it would be more fun for the mini hook and scumblers to enter the fruit of their labours into the children's categories...they did very well - 1st in the French Bean category and 1st in the vegetable animal category too.
This year I have also tried to think about which plants could be used to dye my yarn naturally - it's an ongoing project.
This is my favourite time of year as my favourite fruits are coming into season...

Autumn Bliss Raspberries,and...the fruit our family wait all year for- Victoria Plums. We used to have one of these trees in our garden when I was a child, and it was one of the very first things we planted on the plot. Last year wasn't a great year for plum family generally - we had 6 in total...but this year our tiny plum tree is bowing under the weight of it's crop. Need less to say we helped it out by picking a few !

The vegetables are doing well too.
We always seem to have a glut of runner beans, so this year I'm determined to make runner bean chutney, as well as the usual picalili

You may be forgiven for thinking the slugs had managed to get hold of this cucumber...but no. My smallest hook and scumbler announced " I like cucumbers" when she spotted it and decided to try it our there and then !
And finally a flower mosaic..

I hope you enjoyed your visit to our plot. I'm afraid I can't take any credit for the photographs...all taken by my eldest hook and scumbler...didn't she do well !