Saturday, 26 September 2009

Crochet Capers & A 100th Post Giveaway !

Well I can't believe that this is my 100th post .
When I started blogging waaay back in the autumn of last year, I had really only intended my blog to be a record of  my crochet WIP's. I suppose I never really expected anyone to be interested in my crochet capers, or even my dream of actually doing more than crocheting for friends and family. Infact, when I think about this time last year, it really was all a bit hazy, as this was about the time I started on a lengthy road to recovery, a time when crochet really kept me going and gave me a sense of achievement at a time when there was very little else I could do  - and now when I think about the set back I had back then, a year later it feels like perhaps I've now made a bit of a "come back."

So thank you to all of you who read my blog,  for your comments and encouragement through the last year, it's been great ...and so , to say "thank-you" along with this post there is a giveaway !

Of course this giveaway is all crochet related, and includes....

A lovely vintage Ladybird "Learning to Crochet" with hook and  gorgeous rooster almerino dk yarn - I love the colour  !

So ,if you've always fancied learning how to crochet and never got the hang of it...this is a great book to start - the pictures are easy to follow..and you'll be mastering that hook in no time !

Then, once you learnt the basics a lovely Vintage Patons Bazar Collection  crochet & knit booklet

And moving on a Hook & Scumble Introduction to Freeform Workshop pack along with one of my handmade hyperbolic corsages, embellished with buttons.

.....hopefully you'll be freeforming in no time !

I hope there's something for everyone in this giveaway..whether you've fancied having a go at crocheteting, wanted to experiment and move away from the traditional, just like the look of crochet corsages or even if the vintage crochet look is your thing.

So in order to be in with a chance of winning leave an answer to the following question...

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island with only your crochet hook..what would be the first thing you'd crochet and what would you crochet it with ?

I'll get the ball rolling...

A: I would dry out some kelpy seaweed , knot it together and crochet myself that Girl Friday crossed  with the Cate Blanchett look in no time !

If you want to be in with an extra chance of winning, and you're not already following my blog, start following and you'll be entered twice. If you already follow my blog and you leave a comment, you'll also be entered twice , blog about it and let me know and you're in with a 3rd chance lots of ways to increase your chances of winning so... Good Luck !!

I shall  close the giveaway on October 3rd and announce the winner during the following week
Good Luck !!