Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Curious Vintage Collections from Norfolk - Part 2

As promised  here are my curious collections from Norfolk .
Yes, the week really was full of thrifty collecting . Charity shops and car boots were perused for crochet couture with a vintage feel.
Firstly, Vintage Buckles
The gentleman in the charity shop was very generous and let me have these for free with my other purchases. I have some lengths of hairpin lace that will look great with these ....
Just perfect to make a vintage style belt !
Some  great vintage crochet patterns.....
I was particuarly excited to purchase these for the grand total of 40p as they have some great vintage patterns, my favourite being this vintage cushion cover
 - now I just have to decide on my colour scheme.
And finally a vintage jelly mould...
this one particuarly caught my attention as it has a geometric fluted edge, and yes I know not entirely crochet related...
...but I couldn't resist and it
 looks just great with the rest of my collection !