Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Nude Ewe

.... yes that's one thing I love about living in our county...the gorgeous, handspun local yarns from local flocks, and you can't get better than Nude Ewe. 
 The great thing about this project is local organisations working together to help local famers keep their flocks grazing on local grassland to preserve the countryside. This is done by buying the waste fleeces from the farmers and producing 100% British Wool to sell to the public, with proceeds going back to the farmers to maintain the flock ...simple really.
This yarn is a new addition to their range and isn't actually from a Bedfordshire Flock...but just a few counties across from the Beulah Speckled Face flock in's lovely , and there is something intensely satisfying knowing that you are buying local and ethical and doing your bit for conservation.
Their web site here also has lots of their other lovely locally sourced yarns for sale, as well as patterns to " knit up a piece of Bedfordshire" ...I think I might have to submit an equivalent crochet pattern as the knitting patterns all look a bit complex...maybe a ripple for the Ouse might be in order .
The second thing I really love about our county is this is home to Mr Hook and Scumble, and when he visits somewhere and sees this wool for sale,  despite being over run with yarn in our very small cottage,  he decides to buy me a ball of regardless !