Friday, 4 September 2009

Playing Catch Up

Phew, what a week !
You probably have noticed a distinct lack of blogging time on my part over the past week and the odd little tweet which is all I seem to have had time for.

I feel worn out at the rate in which this week has passed, and am still trying to find time to process the exceptionally long " to do" list I seem to have generated head seems to be buzzing with ideas and designs for the fair in November. I've even noticed that I haven't even posted the Part II installment of "Curious Collections from Norfolk !"...I promise I will do so next week as it's packed with vintage crochet goodies and notions, so worth waiting for.
Anyway, I have decided to take some of my own advice (I'm always great at dishing it out...but not so great at putting my own advice into practice) and write a list, set some timed goals and prioritise

Goal No. 1 being " write the list" before the day is with that in mind I'd better attend to a hungry household so I can make some time to write the list and I shall leave you with a sneek peek at a WIP.
::Ammonite Scrumbles::