Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stylish Stitches

Do you remember me sharing with you a these crochet WIP's  back in July ?

Well, there is a story behind these ...I didn't want to give to much away at the time, as I was pretty sure that once posted off to their destination, it wouldn't be to long before they would packed up and returned.

However, last week the postman did post something through the door, something from this destination I really wasn't expecting...
....inside this envelope were not one, but two letters from Denman College.

You see way back in February, when I needed a goal to work to, I decided to enter the WI National Stylish Stitches Competition. The competition was run in conjunction with the UK Handknitting Association. To be honest, I never really expected to do very well , as National WI Competitions go, they generally attract some very talented ladies. However, I decided I would never-the-less enter the competition, as any feedback regarding my work would be useful.

So, I entered the crochet classes - a crocheted fashion accessory and a crocheted accessory for the home. The other classes included a knitted fashion accessory and a knitted accessory for the home ...needless to say I left these classes well alone, as my knitting skills have much to be desired. So,  I was really, really suprised to find this letter on my door step informing me that I had won 1st Prize with my crocheted table runner and 3rd Prize with my crocheted necklace.  All the winners , in all the categories will be exhibited at The Creative Stitches Exhibitions held in Cardiff, Brighton and Liverpool over the coming months.

Now, the best part to this competition ....
the prize.....
£175 worth of yarn ,
...needless to say Mr Hook and Scumble is not amused !