Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tortoise Tactics

September is a month of celebrating birthdays in the Hook & Scumble household.
Not so long ago, during the summer holidays I attempted to try and find out what it was my eldest really wanted for her you can imagine with a nearly 8 year old it has been changing every week for the past 6 months ! Eventually, after several "general" discussion about birthday, how much things cost etc etc...she finally decided that she would really like a pet. Now we've been down the "wanting a pet for my birthday," route before, and to date we've requested rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and horses, all on a weekly basis, and with a different request each week. However, this  time, our pet discussion was different. This time the requested pet was a tortoise and this time there was a plan. This time, my eldest had researched the pet tortoise scenario by speaking with other previous pet tortoise owners. She had researched the cost, their needs, and her role...and most importantly ( for her) she loved the idea that she could have this pet for a good 50 years, if not longer. Consequently, for the last 2 months she has also been saving for her tortoise...she understands how much money such a pet is likely to cost and realises she will need to keep saving for quite a few more months how could I refuse ?

So, this birthday she was fortunate to add to her "tortoise fund" so by next Spring she will be able to go ahead and buy one.

I  on the other hand could not resist getting her one for her birthday, and yes you may be thinking...has  this mother  gone mad ? Surely these are all good  responsible lessons to be teaching a child  and she's given in ?

Of course I have, I am after all her mother , so let me introduce you to Charlie...he's adorable, cuddley and ...of course crocheted !

(If you fancy creating one of the cute critters yourself you can find a similar pattern  to mine here )