Monday, 19 October 2009

An Afternoon of Felt

On Saturday afternoon, the eldest Hook and Scumbler and I attended our local Guild's workshop on Felt Jewellery Making...just right up our street.

Having had good intentions over the summer to try some wet felting, we never quite made it and have continued to practice our needlefelting techniques instead, so this workshop was one we were both looking forward to.

There was indeed lots of water, soap and the usual other things needed for wet felting.
So we have learnt about the art of making felt beads using some simple techniques, and some more advanced ones ...although despite both of our efforts...lots of practice still needed.

We both came away with some interesting pieces of jewellery and were very inspired, as the tutor was excellent and gave lots of ideas of how to use felt in jewellery.

....and thank goodness...

I have found another use for all those merino tops...Mr Hook & Scumble will be pleased !