Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ally Pally 2009

I love Ally Pally, not just because every year it is host to the annual Knitting and Stitiching show, but that it also has been played a part in making some very good memories whilst I flat-shared with some girl-friends in Muswell Hill  some15 years ago. So, I always enjoy the drive through north london ( despite needing to do a few U-turns and quick lane changes....I'd forgotten what it's like to drive in London !) as it gives me a chance to reminisce. After setting off at what seemed like the crack of dawn,  before we knew it Lucy & I had arrived  just as the doors opened at 10am - perfect timing !

I had gone with a list...with the aim to stick to budget, and for the most part I managed was just the "other list" provided by my eldest which made me tip a few pennies over the agreed amount !

So, armed with a show guide to ensure I was able to navigate to my favourite suppliers we eventually arrived at The Eternal Maker and The Button Company. I'm glad we arrived early, as we were told that the queues yesterday to get to their gorgeous buttons and fabrics were pretty difficult to negotiate, and it's not difficult to see why.....

...gorgeous colourful buttons..

after button..

 after button !!

I came away with my £3 bag of buttons - to share with the eldest Hook & Scumbler and bought an enormous pink button for my youngest as a "special treasure." I also couldn't resist some of their lovely felt...especially when I saw this....

I have the pattern in my latest Sew Hip magazine...and thought it maybe the perfect project to attempt with a tortoise mad daughter !

I also popped into ...

they stock lotsof gorgeous roving and felt embellishments, you can find them here

these looked great for jewellery, but I managed to restrain myself for a very good reason ( all will soon be revealed).

Lucy and I then decided that as the crowds seemed to be winning and we were tiring, a nice comfy sofa was called for...the Rowan stand was obliging and as there were piles of their yarn, along with hooks and needles it wasn't long before we started a granny square to contribute to the Macmillian Comfort Blanket Campaign and we then dropped them into their stand and admired some of the finished blankets ..

This one had a few more crocheted squares..

the campaign closes on the 30th October, so there's still time to take part.

On our way home, we managed to stop and admire the exhibits in the Palm Court Foyer, which was a little less crowded than when we arrived..the first by Rachel John

Can you see these enormous knitting needles ? She was also selling enormous crochet hooks too, but for the time being I shall leave extreme crochet for another day...apart from the fact I don't think Mr Hook & Scumble would be to impressed if I turned up with such an enormous hook...another thing to squeeze into our little cottage !

We then spent some time admiring the exhibit "Casting Off - A Coat for A Boat"

Apparently it took over 350 knitters to create this piece..

I particuarly liked all the colourful fish...

It would be great to see the hyperbolic crochet coral reefs and this piece exhibited to complement each other.

It was then off home.

I shall unpack my goodies and do "show and tell" later on in the week, for now I need a hot cuppa .
Take Care x