Friday, 9 October 2009

I'm getting the itch to stitch !

Although I would say crochet is my first love, sewing comes in a very close second. Infact I learnt to sew before I could crochet on my mother's vintage Grain Child's Sewing Machine. Eventually at about aged 10, I went to stay with a Great Aunt near London,who had a sewing room....the holiday was heaven. In fact this Great Aunt was already into "upcycling, " "swishing "and "make do and mend." I spent the whole week in that sewing room, she taught me to use an electric sewing maching, put in zips, freestyle embroidery, quilting and patchwork... the works. She had an enormous stash of material...all thrifted..and we even spent a whole day scouring charity shops in the local town looking for 10 year old garments that could be customised and "swished" into something fashionable...I came away with a whole new wardrobe for pennies. I have very fond memories indeed of this holiday and this Great Aunt ,and all the zips, buttons, vintage materials and patchwork pieces I have since inherited are very precious. Consequently, it's no real suprise that every so often I "get the itch to stitch," and it's again not to suprising that this "itch to stitch" comes around this time of year as I think about getting ready for Christmas...yes I've gone and said it !
Last year I did manage to finally make a stocking I'd been promising my youngest and was even fortunate enough to win a whole pile of CK sewing goodies in the process !
So, with this in mind I have bought a few books to inspire...

And if all else fails..where else would be a place full of inspiration ??

Of course, the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally this may remember back here, that lovely Mr Hook and Scumble had already pre-emptied the need for me to attend...along with my lovely friend Lucy.

So, with that in mind, I'd better take an inventory of my yarn ,material and notions stashes so I don't go over budget and I shall be back to report !

Have a great weekend X