Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Show & Tell

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a good weekend. I think I have just about recovered from my Ally Pally visit and am just settling down into deciding what to do with all my yummy purchases. For a while back there I was feeling a little lacking in crochet inspiration, which was leaving me feel a little dispondant, but having spent the day absorbing the creativeness that comes with a visit to this show, and along with some choice purchases, I feel like I've got all cylinders firing.

So....are you wanting to know what I came back with ? You are ? Great, you're in four a veritable treat of sumptous colours and yarn.

I managed to only purchase 3 balls of yarn, bearing in mind I have a whole drawer full, so really quite restrained.....but I could not resist these three.

Gorgeous recycled sari silk, handyed cotton from Peru and some Lousia harding Kimono Ribbon. I love the colour combination, as the blues complement the  glorious warm tones of the red.

Would you like a closer look ?

Just inspiring !

I also came back with a fat quarter , embroidery hoop and buttons for my eldest ..

I love the design and colours in this fat quarter..and I'm hoping with her hoop and buttons we'll see a project soon.

Then of course the "special treasure button," for my youngest

Huge and pink for little girls hands.

I also bought some felt and a Christmas Felt Kit, which will all look much more interesting when I shall leave that for another time.

All, in all fairly restrained..with my total yarn purchase coming in at £11.99...not to bad if I say so myself !