Saturday, 7 November 2009

Busy Bloggers

Well, hello dear bloggers !
Finally I have managed to fight off the lurgy, return everyone to school and get the house into some assemblance of order after the madness of half term and have amazingly managed to find  some time in Crochet Corner . I have also been able to steal a few minutes here  and there to escape to blogdom and have also discovered that it seems to be not just myself that has been needing at least 50 hours in each day ...there has been business here, ( I have to admit I was partially responsible for at least two of the items on the list !)  here and here . So, I have felt somewhat reassured that it is possibly the time of year that has resulted in all this, and I still need to start making Christmas presents for my own family...goodness knows when I'm going to fit that in especially with Nativities, Pantos, Christmas fairs as well as all the usual other things that go along with the run up to Christmas....any suggestions would really be most welcome .......pleeeease.

Anyway, first things first , most of this last week I have been spent crazily crocheting to get ready for the Made by Artisans Fair in ...just 2 weeks time !!!

I'm in the throws of putting together a line of my crochet and button necklaces,

I am now in the stages of planning my pitch ...which in itself is taking rather alot of my thinking time up. Last week was the preview , which was a great success and if you fancy taking a visit yourself   a beautiful record of the event can be found here courtesy of Pink Milk Photography

So ,as I said  any suggestions are more than welcome for strategic time management !
I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend TTFN x