Sunday, 22 November 2009

Made by Artisans

Hello, here I am, back home and recovering from all the work that goes into preparing for an Art & Craft Show...but what a show !

The setting for the show was housed in the Beckett Chapel of Peterborough Cathedral.

Unfortunatley this photograph doesn't quite do the Cathedral and its grounds the justice it deserves, it was beautiful.
When I arrived all the stall holders were busily preparing their stalls and putting out their beautiful handcrafted wares.
All my preparation paid off as my stall set up was pretty smooth and ready for 10am as visitors started to arrive.

Meanwhile the very talented pinkmilkphotography was on hand to record the day..and I shall post you in the direction of the website when the photos are the meantime I quickly managed to rally around and take a few shots of my pitch from either end...

Thankfully the weather held off for most of the day and Mrs Crayons did a fantastic job of professionally marketing and organising the whole event and was on hand through out the day to support all the Artisans , consequently there didn't appear to be a quiet moment through-out the day !

It was also lovely to meet some of the other Artisans, all of whom had beautiful stalls . I didn't manage to get photos of everyone's stall, but managed to snap a few quick pictures which included

Beautiful frames, folded Danish Christmas stars ,cards and pictures and winner of the best dressed stall, I really loved all the attention to detail..including a handmade "stall owners" pinny...I think I might have to crochet myself one for next time !

 resin jewellery

eco friendly cards

vintage book art - I particuarly loved this one...I'm feeling Christmassy already !

which I thought were a really original idea

and finally Land Cuckoo which had the whole room smelling of Christmas with scented pot holders and
spiced mug mats...just lovely

...and of course I couldn't resist a few treats for myself..which included a photo of the mini Hook and Scumblers courtesy of Pink Milk Photography's mini photo shoot - the photo just captures how angelic and cheeky they can both be , and some resin fridge magnets from Penny Dog.

I think the day was a great success and I'm hoping Mrs Crayons will make this a regular event !