Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Birthday Button Holes

My local WI have their Christmas Event this evening.
During the evening those with a birthday in the month are presented with their "Birthday Button Hole." For the month of December I volunteered to make the button holes having spent a few months eyeing up what was expected...needless to say I have realised that floristy is perhaps not a skill that I excel at, more one that I can "just about get away with." So alternative measures have been called for ,that do not involve any floristy skills what-so-ever.

Hooky skills are where my strength lies, and  consequently I have made ...

 hooky Christmas roses

along with hooky holly and lillies,

and finally with hooky mistletoe ,

 ....Hope the December Birthday Girls like them !

p.s thanks to all those who entered the Sew! giveaway, I shall be drawing the winner sometime today