Saturday, 19 December 2009

Festive Frantic

Just thought I would say a quick "hello" as this week seems to have shot by, and then finished with the White Stuff arriving yesterday morning. All in all, I have successfully managed to start and complete a few handmade presents ( show and tell next week ) but with the arrival of the snow, this was somewhat put on hold as snowball fights and snowmen seemed much more important, especially with school closed for the day...the eldest hook and scumbler indeed thought Christmas had come early !
Amongst all this, it's been somewhat "festive frantic" here , what with trying to get ready for the "Big Day," as well as make a start on some new commissions-  thankfully not needed until after Christmas. I've even sucumbed this week to tweeting more rather than blogging as finding any time in amongst ferrying children here there and everywhere, wrapping and writing cards has been somewhat difficult . Right, time to finish the on-line food shop, and  I have decided to choose a few very quick and easy festive treats  from"Nigella's Christmas," so I can indeed at least feel like a "Domestic Godess," even if by Thursday I don't look like one !