Monday, 14 December 2009

Playing Santa

There are days where the normal daily chores and errands needed to run a house just have to wait.
Today was one of those days.
Today, the miniest Hook & Scumbler and I spent a few hours this morning " Playing Santa."
It went something like this....
"You be the reindeer, I be Santa, I need soot in my sack,"
How could I resist ?
..soot in the sack , how was I meant to come up with that one ?
I needn't have worried, I don't actually think she knew what "soot in the sack" was and was very content with filling her santa sack with cards from her shoppping game.
"I need presents,"..
..she heads for the tree, there are a few sitting there already, quick divertion tactics and I produce wrapping paper and sticky tape and we spend the next 20 minutes or so wrapping presents from the toy box.
"I need a sleigh and helpers reindeer"
Big teddy, snowman and Cuddly Santa with various hats become the helpers.

Santa herself also finds a red cloak and puts on her Santa hat.
"We need moo - sic, and bells ," ... Christmas songs...
So, we sit on the sofa together, one in front of the other,  Reindeer and Santa ,helpers, sack and bells and ride along to the sound of the "Sleigh Ride."
Finally, when the song comes to an end, Santa gets off her sleigh and delivers her presents, and of course couldn't resist opening one herself .

Some days are priceless !