Monday, 7 December 2009

Trees & Christingles

Yesterday the Hook & Scumble household spent most of the day "Decking the Halls," and so our little cottage is looking a little more festive now.

We also paid a visit here,

One of the local Churches in the Town.
For the past few years this Chrurch  has held a very lovely Christmas Tree Festival.
The Eldest Hook & Scumbler was particuarly keen to go as she had contributed to two of the trees in the festival, and the youngest Hook & Scumbler was super excited to see all the Trees decorated and looking very Christmassy indeed.

This was one of my's mounted in a tuba and was decorated by one of the local brass bands - very ingenious.

We managed to spot one of the Hook & Scumble decorations,

There were about 30 trees in total and each visitor was asked to vote for their favourite.
The Festival concluded with a Christingle Service,

This is the one that made it home....,
 with it's 4 decorated prongs of fruits & sweets representing the 4 seasons and the fruit of the earth,
I'm afraid to say that the others were devoured either during the service or directly en- route home !