Sunday, 31 January 2010


This weekend has been a weekend of experimental textiles, mainly for myself as I'm trying out some mixed textile techniques to work along-side my freeform crochet. If  however, there is a hint of anything creative in the air, you can guarantee that the eldest Hook & Scumbler will be right there by my side.

For me, this not only enabled us to spend some quality time together doing something we both enjoy, but also allowed twice the experimentation ! So we were both able to try out different techniques, colour combinations and fabrics, make notes and decide which ones produced the best effects.

And, what fun we had with our various felting techniques, both wet and dry as well as trying out some nuno  techniques and  layering . We experimented with Shetland wool tops and dyed coloured merino tops as well as synthetic organzas and silk chiffons. My eldest Hook & Scumbler was thrilled with her sample, and was able to explain in quite some detail and length to Mr Hook & Scumble how to nuno felt.

My sample on the other hand did not turn out quite as I hoped, but I think that was probably due to my lack of patience and a bit more elbow grease next time should produce the desired effect !

Notes were made, techniques compared and so now we are both ready to embark on our something more adventurous...I wonder what it will be ?