Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year, New Skills

I'm not a great one for New Year Resolutions, however I am someone who likes to set a goal and work my way towards achieving it. So this year, I have three goals for the year , two of which are to learn two new skills, and I aim to do this with the help of my local Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild.
Last year, my goal was to learn how to spin, and I can confidently say, that with the help of several Guild members and a search for the right spindle, I have managed to learn to spin using a drop spindle.

This however, in terms of production, is going to take me rather a long time to produce enough hand spun yarn with this method to be able to crochet a garment. I have managed to used small amounts of my handspun yarn in my freeform work, but what I really want to do is spin enough to make something to wear. So, with this in mind, I am hoping to hire a spinning wheel, and glean some knowledge from some experienced Guild members in order to learn how to spin using it. I hope to be able to achieve this and have spun enough yarn by the middle of this year, so that by the summer arrives I can learn the art of natural dyeing.
With these two goals in mind I hope by this time next year I'll  have completed goal number three and will be wearing my own warm hand spun, hand dyed, hand crocheted hat , gloves and scarf !