Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snowy Epiphany

Hello dear Bloggers, how are you all ? Wrapped up and cosy I hope !
I'm sorry I have not been here for a while, but the past few weeks have been extremely busy  both on the crochet and Christmas front. I'm still way behind with my new designs and was hoping that this week would allow some normality to return to the Hook & Scumble household and then of course today, yet more snow has arrived for now I'm having to put plan B into action which included some sledging .............
you can just see the sledge marks in the left of the picture,  snowmen and hot chocolate.
I did however manage to complete some lovely quick crocheted Christmas presents from Gina Alton's book Crocheted Finger Puppets,  that you may remember me blogging about here 

These little creatures went down very well in the Hook & Scumble household and we have had several pantomines performed featuring the above crowd .It  has been lovely to see that something so simple can bring quite a few hours of entertainment. So , I too shall be content  with the simple things and enjoy our snowy Epiphany too.